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Michigan’s Burning Questions: Fireworks, Flint & Firestorms

Not since the Great Michigan Fire of 1871 and the Thumb Fire of 1881 has the Great Lakes State been this vulnerable to wide scale firestorms, urban arson and the threat of random disastrous sparks. A combination of circumstances are currently … Continue reading

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Rich Republicans Bitch About McCutcheon Ruling

Let’s call it the Sheldon Syndrome — an outbreak of donor fatigue which is about to afflict a select number of distraught rich Republicans this midterm election season. Tragically, a horrible confluence of events is fostering this cruel new disease — which … Continue reading

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New Rule: Flint Emergency Manager Kills Public Comment

Emergency Manager Darnell Earley has asked the Flint City Council to “participate” in the process of moving the city back to local control by generously offering them the opportunity to agree, wholesale and without question, to his transition management plan. He … Continue reading

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Private Food Vendor Aramark Reveals Secret Ingredients

Last week, we reported on the long rap sheet held by Aramark, the private food vendor contracted at the insistence of GOP lawmakers for Michigan prisons in a transaction last year that displaced hundreds of workers. Among the offenses found in … Continue reading

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Michigan Public School Teachers – Friends Without Benefits

Michigan House Education Committee Chair, Rep. Lisa Posthumus-Lyons (R-86), may prefer to liken public school teachers to “pigs” and “hogs”, but the numbers simply do not support her crude porcine accusation. On average, public school teachers in Michigan earn an … Continue reading

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