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Michigan Farmers in a Pickle Over Minimum Wage

If anything ever illustrated why unions and the power of collective bargaining remain absolutely necessary, here it is. This story is not from fifty or seventy-five years ago, it’s happening right now, here in Michigan — the state where the … Continue reading

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Democrats Strike Another Blow to Intolerance in Michigan

Attorney General Bill Schuette is criss-crossing Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula making “campaign stops” which are little more than pure money-grubbing fundraisers with zero intent of advancing his campaign message among curious voters, while Gov. Snyder is preparing to … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Prison Food Vendor Has a Long Rap Sheet

Last week, a 19 year-old Aramark employee was arrested for attempting to smuggle a significant amount of marijuana into a corrections facility near Jackson, Michigan — just two days after the state cited and fined his employer for numerous violations of … Continue reading

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Snyder and Schuette — Ten Years Behind the Times

Gov. Snyder is trapped in some kind of a 2004 time warp. He is deeply committed to protecting the wishes of voters from ten years ago, but not so much those of today’s electorate. To borrow a decade-old reference…Sorry folks of 2014, … Continue reading

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Tiny Royal Oak Township in Snyder’s Crosshairs

Blessed be the townships — for they are (at least for now) constitutionally safeguarded from forced dissolution under the 1961 Michigan Constitutional Convention, or the “Con-Con”, which after a prolonged fight ratified the continued constitutional protection of home rule for Michigan’s … Continue reading

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A Simple 3-Step Citizens Guide to Have Super PAC Issue Ads Investigated by the FCC

Destroy Citizens United! — Here’s an easy and effective activists’ guide that works. This article contains a step-by-step set of instructions on how ordinary citizens may exercise a little-known right to file a complaint over false third-party issue ads. Citizen … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Privatized Prison Food Vendor Fined $98K for Violations

Updated March 20, 2014. The Michigan Department of Corrections has levied a $98,000 fine against Aramark, the private food vendor that the Snyder administration awarded the contract to last year, in spite of numerous problems reported with the company in … Continue reading

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Will Independent Millennials decide the Michigan Midterms?

Independent voters are often the deciding factor in America’s political races, and they will again be heavily courted by candidates in Michigan’s midterm elections — after the primary, that is. Although they are a rapidly growing demographic, particularly among 18 … Continue reading

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Another All-Male GOP Attack on Women’s Healthcare

Take a close look at the names of the sponsors of this new bill regulating abortion related services introduced in the Michigan Senate yesterday. See anything interesting, other than they’re all Republicans? You guessed it. They’re all packing a Y … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP Lawmaker Shows Interest in Furry Beavers

Sen. Tom Casperson (R-38), the lawmaker who championed the need for the wolf hunt law through faulty science and fabricated anecdotal evidence, has found a new furry threat to the life and liberty of Michiganders — BEAVERS! (That is, the … Continue reading

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