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Lansing-Based Reporters Blast Officials Over Handling of Power Outage

Michigan GOP lawmakers bolted out of Lansing waaay back on December 13th, long before the dangerous ice storm struck the area. They beat a path out-of-town, after a last-minute vote which blithely ignored the will of the majority, making it … Continue reading

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Piracy in the Great Lakes State – Asset Seizure Out-of-Control in Michigan

Police Departments Run Wild We’ve all seen those news reports about drug busts in our neighborhoods where local law enforcement, often working with federal agents, boast about the seizure of money, vehicles, guns, knives and electronics, along with a modest … Continue reading

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As RTW Spreads Across the Nation, Governors Bail

Missouri, Ohio and Oregon may soon join 24 other states with right-to-work laws. Conservative groups, with the ever-present assistance of ALEC, are planning for initiated laws on the 2014 ballot in these states. Voters will decide the issue then, or … Continue reading

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GOP Lawmakers on Student Free Speech: Christians Only

Even though the First Amendment clearly protects religious expression by students in public schools, Michigan lawmakers are –for the second time this year — pushing for legislation to that effect. Last week, Sen. Mark Jansen (R-28), along with seven other … Continue reading

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EAA Expansion Stalled

The Michigan House adjourned without signing-off on the Senate version of the Education Achievement Authority. The lack of action came as a surprise to many who expected speedy approval in the wake of State Superintendent Mike Flanagan’s statement last week … Continue reading

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BREAKING: EAA Passes Michigan Senate

Well, they did it. The Michigan Senate passed the Education Achievement Authority bill tonight. As is typical of these cowardly GOP lawmakers, they blasted HB-4369 out of the Senate Education Committee after it sat languishing there with virtually no discussion … Continue reading

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EAA Wants Ten More Schools to Compensate for Enrollment Decline

Michigan’s Superintendent of Public Education Michael Flanagan announced today that he plans to move more schools into the Education Achievement Authority starting in January. Approximately ten academically struggling schools are to join the current 15 that were vacuumed-up last year … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Diego Rivera

On December 8th, 1886 the great muralist Diego Maria de la Concepcion Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. We are thankful he chose to go by Diego Rivera, and we are even more thankful for his artistic legacy, by any … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP on Sex, Alcohol, Reality TV – with minor Technical Difficulties

Democracy Tree simply adores December — that magical month of bountiful legislative gifts and gaffs to write about. So much crazy, so little time. Today’s report leads with the ludicrous, but ends with one good piece of proposed legislation. We’ve got … Continue reading

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Michigan Supreme Court Flunks the Test

Michigan’s judiciary earned an “F” grade on the Center for Public Integrity’s report on state supreme court justices and disclosure of potential financial conflicts of interest. Coming in 44th, with a score of only 25 out of 100, the findings … Continue reading

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