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BREAKING: Michigan House Passes Law to Rig the Courts

Well, it’s happened. The Michigan House just passed SB 652, the bill that will make it difficult to sue the state of Michigan by removing Ingham County Circuit Court as the jurisdictional authority and to transfer all cases, including those … Continue reading

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Who Demands $2 Million for Taking Away Your Voting Rights? Meet Wiley Rein…

Who is Wiley Rein, and what have they done to piss you off? Plenty. They are the law firm behind the Shelby County, Alabama case against the United States that successfully struck down key provisions of the Voting Rights Act … Continue reading

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The Michigan GOP Parade of Hypocrisy Marches On (Public School Edition)

Proponents of women’s reproductive rights have long drawn on the irony that right-to-life types seem to be interested only in the safety of fetuses and zygotes, but as soon as there’s a helpless live baby to be protected, they suddenly … Continue reading

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