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Predatory Detroit Creditors Want Hands-on Inspection of DIA Treasures

Predatory creditors have asked Detroit bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes to allow them to privately assess the treasures held in the public trust by the Detroit Institute of Arts. Today a formal court filing was made requesting they be included in … Continue reading

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Benton Harbor Democrat Targeted for Recall

Updated 12-8-2013. Benton Harbor City Commissioner Trenton Bowens contacted me over the weekend to tell me that he was potentially facing a recall election. At issue was his vote to allow a tax proposal to be placed on the ballot … Continue reading

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Pure Michigan – GOP Pork Barrel Politics

Gov. Snyder sold himself as a fiscally responsible nerd in his campaign — a candidate who promised he wouldn’t allow the state budget to become the pork barrel of special interests. Yet, out of the gate, the newly elected governor … Continue reading

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EMU Faculty Wants to Dump the EAA

Eastern Michigan University faculty are now urging school administrators to dump the Education Achievement Authority contract. Earlier this month, the Washtenaw County Education Association called upon their members to not accept student teachers from EMU based on the institution’s affiliation … Continue reading

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House Passes Bill to Prohibit Job Applicants from Knowing They are Scabs

Late last April, we reported that Michigan House Rep. Amanda Price (R-89) introduced a bill that would attempt to relieve employers of the legal requirement to inform replacement workers that they are in fact, replacement workers — leaving job applicants … Continue reading

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Tea Party Lessons in Michigan Schools?

Back in June of this year, a bill was introduced in the Michigan Senate which I dutifully read, and found to be little more than another case of far-right patriotic hyperventilation — I do declare, bring me the smelling salts. … Continue reading

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New Judges Appointed to Court of Claims as Problems Mount

While across Michigan, media outlets, elected leaders and pundits are reporting that the state Supreme Court acted in an equitable and (surprisingly) apolitical manner by appointing a balanced panel of appeals court judges to preside over the court’s newly acquired … Continue reading

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Two Victories for Women’s Reproductive Rights

Some good news for women’s reproductive rights — finally. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear two cases that challenge state court rulings which struck down Right-to-Life laws intended to restrict a women’s access to abortion services. The Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Lyons Flunked the Test and Went Heather on a Fellow Lawmaker

Here at Democracy Tree we readily admit to spending some extracurricular time criticizing Rep. Lisa Posthumus-Lyons (R-86), chair of the Michigan House Education Committee. But, it’s an effort well deserved on the part of the far-right lawmaker. She’s called hard-working … Continue reading

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Calling Michigan’s GOP the “F” Word

Yes, it’s okay to openly use the “F” word in describing Michigan’s GOP leaders. In this case however, we refer to “fascism”. It’s been a bad week for democracy in Michigan, with Republican lawmakers running rough-shod over the state constitution … Continue reading

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