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Emergency Manager Alarm Bells in Elberta

UPDATED: 10-16-13 at 2:15 pm This morning’s news finds the quaint coastal resort village of Elberta, Michigan sounding the emergency manager alarm bells over their budget deficit of $560,000. The community has been struggling for a number of years now, and … Continue reading

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Union Leaders Talk about Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC

McCutcheon, who? Democracy Tree reported a few months ago on a new campaign finance threat that has the potential to do more harm than Citizens United. It’s called McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission — a case which is deeply troubling to people … Continue reading

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The Latest on Michigan Campaign Finance Reform

Michigan Campaign Finance Reform –Something Old, Something New  The statewide Michigan Election Reform Conference of 2o13 was held last Friday in Traverse City with about 100 attendees and 16 distinguished speakers, including former Michigan Supreme Court Justices, state lawmakers, union and … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP Introduces Eat-Your-Roadkill Law

Mmmm, Mmmm! Them’s some mighty fine vittles thar, Ma! Yep, you could tag, claim and cook your roadkill if Michigan Senators Darwin Booher (R-35) and John Pappageorge (R-13) have their way. Today they introduced an important piece of legislation to fight … Continue reading

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Michigan Federal Courts Rule Themselves “Essential”

In response to news reports that Michigan’s federal courts may need to sharply curtail operations under the government shutdown, they have declared themselves “essential”.  The eastern district was originally poised to partially shutdown after ten days according to court spokesperson … Continue reading

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Shutdown Will Bring Detroit Bankruptcy to a Crawl

We learn today that Gov. Snyder will not be required to disclose the names of other potential candidates that were on his short list for Detroit’s emergency manager. Federal court Judge Steven Rhodes facilitated a compromise that would protect the names of … Continue reading

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The Siege on Michigan Public Education – By the Numbers

Democracy Tree reported late last week that the effects of anti-union laws directed at Michigan teachers, including the ban on payroll deduction of dues and right-to-work, had a miniscule impact on the voluntary payment of dues among Michigan Education Association members. … Continue reading

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GOP Policies Killing Michigan’s Agribusiness

Well, it’s happened. After several years of concerted GOP attacks on migrant farm workers, they’ve finally driven them away from Michigan in significant enough numbers that the apple harvest is at great risk. The fault for the lack of workers … Continue reading

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RTW is a Flaming Flop with the MEA

Some good news and some potentially very bad news for Michigan public school teachers and students to report today. Since it’s Friday, let’s start with the good. The impact of right-to-work on the MEA? As it turns out, kinda…meh. Steve … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP Hypocrites Attack U.S. Congress Hypocrites over Obamacare

UPDATED on Oct. 4, 2013 at 5 pm Michigan GOP hypocrisy at its best…. Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R-104) offered his fellow lawmakers a nice cup of tea this morning in the form of a House resolution. Not at all a typical Tea Party … Continue reading

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