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Keep Calm and Get Insured

The sky is falling! Well, not quite, but the media would have us believe it so — sounding alarm bells with wall-to-wall coverage of the crisis, as if they just discovered there’s more to the world than the final episode … Continue reading

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GOP List of Terrorist Demands – Read it Here!

Call it old-school terrorism — massive carnage isn’t their style, but rather specific “demands” must be met, or else the world gets it! Yep, the Republicans have got their 1970’s terrorist groove on. They’re doing it Entebbe-style with an old-timey … Continue reading

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Snyder Okays Privatized Prison Food with Aramark

Last May, Democracy Tree reported about the vendor that won in the Michigan Department of Corrections bidding process for privatized food services in state prisons, a company called Aramark, the world’s largest food provider. As reported in MLive this week, Gov. … Continue reading

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Michigan Awarded Obamacare Federal Grant Money

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is bringing $3.4 million in grant money to Michigan from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Announced yesterday, the fund award was created under the Affordable Care Act and is for the purpose of curbing increases … Continue reading

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Democracy Tree — Housekeeping Issue!

Advance apologies for a complicated (yet important) clarification on the religious expression in schools bill reported last week. Also to report, a correction on the story on the bill on drug-testing of state aid recipients, and updated comment guidelines. Democracy Tree … Continue reading

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Michigan: The Debtor Prison State

Debtors’ prisons in Michigan? Yep, they’re called “Pay or Stay” sentences, and are a growing problem under the state’s sagging economy.  As defendants are increasingly unable to pay their court costs, known as “legal-financial obligations (LFOs), they find themselves repeatedly back in the slammer — … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Belly-Up to the State Trough, as They Force Children to Go Hungry

Today, Democracy Tree reported about the pending legislation that would mandate drug tests for those receiving state assistance. Of the multiple reasons that would be objectionable, the one that resonated with social media users the most was that it would adversely impact … Continue reading

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Drug Testing and Forced Labor for Public Assitance in Michigan

(Updated/corrected: 6:30 p.m. on 9-23-13) The Michigan House Commerce Committee passed a bill yesterday that will require people receiving public assistance to comply with and pass drug tests by potential employers or forfeit their benefits. Rep. Ken Goike (R-33), the sole sponsor of … Continue reading

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Michigan Law Would Allow Prayer in School Announcements

(Updated 9-23-13) House Rep. Tom Hooker (R-77), along with twelve of his GOP lawmaker apostles, introduced HB 4986 today — a bill that would amend the Revised School Code to permit student prayer and proselytizing before, during and after school, in class assignments and … Continue reading

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Business Tycoons Line-Up for Governorships – Snyder-style

Wealthy businessmen across the nation are lining-up to bully and buy their way into governorships. With little more than cash and cojones, some are even bragging about their lack of experience as a selling point, claiming a background in public policy … Continue reading

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