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DNR Advocates Wholesale Slaughter of Michigan Wildlife

Michigan’s war on wildlife continues with two new developments in the news. The Department of Natural Resources announced their plan to decimate (literally) the state’s mute swan population. Yesterday, the Barry County Board of Commissioners voted to invite the DNR … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Gov. Walker Offers “Special” Advice for Snyder

The governor of Wisconsin is back in the news this week with new attacks planned on public safety workers’ collective bargaining rights — and this time he’s urging other states to follow his lead. Gov. Scott Walker is poised to extend the provisions … Continue reading

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Former Teacher of Rep. Lyons Strikes Back

A compelling blog post on the Michigan Education Association website slipped under the radar two weeks ago. A former teacher and school advisor of the Michigan House Education Committee Chair, Lisa Posthumus-Lyons, wrote the lawmaker a letter in response to her … Continue reading

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Schuette Sides With Pensioners, Tension Mounts

In a surprise move, Attorney General Bill Schuette announced this morning that he plans to file on behalf of Detroit pensioners with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Monday. Schuette said: “The City of Detroit’s bankruptcy will cause even greater hardship … Continue reading

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State Has Inkster Schools Drawn and Quartered

Under the recent state order to dissolve the Inkster School District, the Wayne County Regional Education Service Agency has opted to split the district of 2,200 students among four nearby districts: Romulus, Taylor, Westwood and Wayne-Westland schools. Earlier in the week, … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Big Corporate Tax Break Backfires

Remember when Gov. Snyder just willy-nilly gave away $1.7 billion in tax breaks to Michigan corporations, all completely untethered to any job-creating requirements, and then assured the state that his business buddies would come through with a flood of employment opportunities? Well, so do … Continue reading

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Michigan School Districts Dissolved by State Decree

With all the brouhaha about Detroit these past few days, another story slipped through the cracks — a tale of yet one more attack on democracy and home rule in the state of Michigan. State Treasurer, Andy Dillon, had a … Continue reading

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Topic of Discussion: Detroit

Here’s a podcast conversation I had with Christine at Blogging for Michigan about Detroit’s fiscal crisis. We cover a lot of territory in just half an hour, including the recent court ruling, bond-holder liability, causes of the crisis, opinions of various politicians … Continue reading

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Silence of the Damned – Government’s War on Wildlife

Last week, a male mute swan went missing on the shores of a well-populated Northern Michigan inland lake. Residents were concerned because the bird may have been the target of some recent human-on-animal bullying. The Traverse City Record-Eagle investigated, and … Continue reading

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Detroit Ruling – What Else the Judge Said

Scrawled at the bottom of the three page ruling issued yesterday declaring the Emergency Manager law unconstitutional, Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina wrote the following words, clearly in her own handwriting: “A copy of this Order shall be transmitted to President Obama. It … Continue reading

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