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BREAKING: Snyder and Dillon Sued Over Emergency Manager Law

The United Retired Government Employees and The City of Pontiac Retired Employees Association have filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Rick Snyder, Treasurer Andy Dillon, Emergency Managers Lou Schimmel of Pontiac, and Ed Kurtz of Flint, and the Michigan Municipal Employees … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Emergency Managers — The Evil New “Nanny State”

In an act of slow-motion hypocrisy, Michigan residents are watching their state’s schools and cities being taken over one-by-one by all-powerful Emergency Managers under Republican Gov. Snyder’s oppressive new law. The hypocrisy part comes in when we consider it is … Continue reading

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Albion School Activist Brought to His Knees

A local activist has been brought to his knees in protest of the closure of Albion’s only high school. The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that Bobby Holley is crawling thirty miles from Battle Creek to Albion to draw attention to … Continue reading

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That RINO on the Right

When I first heard that Gov. Snyder was invited to speak at a memorial service next week for Michigan’s late first-lady, Helen Milliken, beloved wife of the esteemed former Republican Gov. Bill Milliken, it gave me pause. I must admit that for … Continue reading

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EAA Chancellor Fibbed on Grant Application

And the Michigan GOP credibility problem just grows and grows…. As reported earlier this week, The Detroit News discovered in emails they obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of Gov. Snyder’s office that, contrary to what the Governor had … Continue reading

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Detroit Emergency Manager Considers Cultural Bankruptcy

Last week, Democracy Tree reported that Ed Kurtz, Flint’s Emergency Manager, auctioned-off city assets that included a beloved Santa and reindeer team which had been donated by the wife of a former mayor for display atop Flint City Hall. Now it seems … Continue reading

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Michigan: Today’s News That You Need to Know

More GOP shenanigans to report: It’s been a busy news day for ballot initiatives in Michigan…throw in a little legislative hypocrisy, and we’ve got fun, fun, fun — if you are a Republican, that is… First, the Wolf Hunt Referendum that gathered … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP Throws Down the Hypocritical Gauntlet

Republican lawmakers introduced a resolution in the Michigan House today compelling the U.S. Congress to “investigate the actions taken by the Internal Revenue Service and its agents that targeted and scrutinized specific organizations seeking tax-exempt status”. The resolution specifically cited … Continue reading

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Is Governor Snyder Channeling His Inner Nixon?

Under Gov. Snyder’s reckless steerage, GOP leaders in Michigan are no longer even making an effort to apologize for their opaque backroom deals and their mendacious attempts to manipulate an increasingly hostile and distrusting media.   As if “skunk works” wasn’t bad enough in … Continue reading

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“D” is for Democracy — a Video From Flint

Enjoy… The spirit of democracy in Michigan is embodied here in this video sent from Melodee Mabbitt from Flint: Amy Kerr Hardin

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