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Michigan House Introduces Two New Anti-Labor Bills

Surprise! More egregious attacks on Michigan’s workforce from the House today: Rep. Amanda Price (R-89) introduced HB 4642, all by her lonesome — with no sponsors. The bill is to amend Public Act 150 of 1962 which laid-down employer rules for … Continue reading

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First Amendment Under Siege in Michigan – Petitions & Protests Blocked

Last week, Gov. Snyder attended the 36th annual Governor’s Breakfast held at the Wexford County Civic Center in Cadillac, Michigan. Two years ago, a large crowd protested the event in the wake of his enacting the Emergency Manager law. There was a significant … Continue reading

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Judiciary to Michigan’s Kids: Let Them Eat Lead

Chad Schmucker, the State Court Administrator wants to give Michigan Supreme Court Justices a raise. He’s calling for two consecutive years of 3 percent increases for members of the high court. They currently earn $165,000 a year. Schmucker claims the impetus behind … Continue reading

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Documents Reveal $12 Million Dollar EAA Loan

It’s no surprise that money troubles and transparency issues are the result of stripping public education of the accountability found in democratically elected school boards. Detroit Public Schools and the Education Achievement Authority both operate under state appointed individuals that … Continue reading

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Wolf Hunt Bill Passes Senate WITHOUT Appropriation

The Senate passed the “Wolf Hunt” bill, SB 288 0f 2013, by a 25 to 11 vote along party lines today, but without the controversial appropriation — which had been a blatant end-run around the democratic process intended to nullify a successful petition drive to … Continue reading

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Flanagan Put In Charge of “Value School” Work Group

What a differnece twenty four little hours make….At the request of Gov. Snyder, Michigan School Superintendent, Mike Flanagan, is now suddenly leading a new “work group” charged with creating a model for a “value school” in which students carry a $5,000 per pupil … Continue reading

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BREAKING: House Republicans Lose Game of Chicken over RTW, Claim Victory

The Michigan House backed down this afternoon on plans to punish public bodies, including counties, school districts and universities for renegotiating long-term labor contracts to skirt the Right-to-Work law. The Associated Press reports that Rep. Joe Havemen (R-90) is claiming their … Continue reading

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Lawmakers Want Schools to Adopt an Ineffective NRA Gun Safety Program

Joined by twenty-eight of his colleagues, Michigan House Rep. Bruce Rendon (R-103) thinks he has the solution to preventing gun violence among children. This morning he introduced a resolution (HR – 104 of 2013) that encourages public schools to adopt … Continue reading

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Sen. Casperson’s Plan to Raid DNR Trust Fund Foiled by Attorney General Ruling

Attorney General Bill Schuette put the brakes on Sen. Casperson’s plan to rob the Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund for the purpose of paving logging roads and dredging commercial harbors. In AG Opinion #7270, Schuette ruled that the fund … Continue reading

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Earth Day Message to Casperson: Take a Hike Senator!

On Earth Day most writers choose to cover hopeful topics about greening the planet, but Democracy Tree feels this is the right time to talk about the dark side of Michigan’s environmental future. Specifically, Sen. Tom Casperson (R-38). Casperson hails from … Continue reading

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