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Snyder Says Emergency Manager’s Personal Tax Liens are A-Okay

This morning was my annual appointment with the CPA to figure my taxes. I use a CPA, not because my taxes are terribly complex, but because I want to be sure they are spot-on accurate. I like sleeping at night, … Continue reading

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Detroit’s New Emergency Manager Has Tax Liens

Gov. Snyder’s handpicked financial wizard for Detroit’s Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr, ain’t so wizard-y after all. Seems he has a checkered history of paying his taxes, and of having liens placed on his million dollar Chevy Chase, Maryland McMansion. The Detroit News reports … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Screw-up a Good Idea

Sometimes a good idea gets carried just a little bit too far. Led by Rep. Tom McMillin (R-45), a dozen Michigan House Republicans, joined by four Democrats, introduced a bill today to regulate and restrict the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), … Continue reading

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Funding Cuts Threaten Michigan’s Water Supply

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality is running out of money to clean-up underground industrial pollution sites that threaten the state’s drinking water. The Detroit News reports that the DEQ Part 201 program funds have dwindled to $11 million, down from … Continue reading

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Former Emergency Financial Manager Cops-a-Deal on Embezzlement Charge

Highland Park’s former Emergency Financial Manager (2004 – 2009), Arthur Blackwell II, has entered a no contest plea in Wayne County Circuit Court against the charges that he mishandled $264,000 of that city’s money. The charges stem from Blackwell’s original agreement with … Continue reading

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Detroit Public Utility At Risk Under Emergency Management

Although few anticipate success, the Detroit City Council, without the support of Mayor Bing, went to court today to argue their appeal of Gov. Snyder’s finding of a “financial emergency” triggering the new Emergency Manager law. The City will assuredly … Continue reading

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Michigan — Walking on Sunshine!

Michigan: Greetings from National Sunshine Week! You know, that special time of year when politicians, pundits and policy wonks pretend to set aside their differences to collectively declare their commitment to transparency in government. It’s practically a Hallmark holiday for journalists. There … Continue reading

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GOP Lawmakers Harass Michigan Farming Industry

What do Michigan House Representatives Peter Pettalia (R-106), Bob Genetski (R-80), Ray Franz (R-101) and Joel Johnson (R-97) have against Michigan farmers? Hint: It’s something about their employees….(seasonal workers). All four of these lawmakers represent out-state districts, and while it’s … Continue reading

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Breaking: Detroit City Council Votes to Appeal Takeover

This afternoon the Detroit City council voted (7 – 1) to appeal the Emergency Manager’s review team findings of a financial emergency for the city. Gov. Snyder has set a hearing for this coming Tuesday. Council President Charles Pugh told the … Continue reading

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Flint, Michigan — City on Fire and Under Siege

FLINT FIREFIGHTERS JUST CAN’T CATCH A BREAK One could say the name Flint, Michigan is apt when it comes to sparking fires — real and political. The city has suffered a rash of troubling arsons over the past few years, some … Continue reading

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