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Koch Bros Exploit Loophole in Judicial Conduct Rules

New Investigation Reveals Corporate Interests Have Been Quietly Influencing Federally Appointed Judges Leave it to the Koch brothers to find a perfectly legal way to buy influence with federally appointed judges. The billionaire siblings are already well-established in their gluttonous … Continue reading

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Protest and Litigation Mark Day One of New Emergency Manager Law

The first day of the new Emergency Manager Law taking effect in Michigan drew a firestorm of activity. Lawsuits were filed, protests ensued, and Emergency Managers flexed their dictatorial muscles. All started with a lawsuit against Governor Rick Snyder and Treasurer Andy Dillon over Public Act … Continue reading

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Suspicious Timing in Court Decision on Detroit Public Utility

In a suspiciously timed move, U.S. District Judge Sean Cox abruptly terminated his oversight of the Detroit Water and Sewage Department, one day before Kevyn Orr, Detroit’s new Emergency Manager, assumes his expanded powers under the replacement Emergency Manager law. DWSD has … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Michigan Lawmakers Punish Counties Over RTW

In a legislative frenzy only to be rivaled by the great lameduck circle-jerk of 2012, Michigan lawmakers are churning-out stop-gap bills meant to do nothing more than punish unions and employers for negotiating in good faith. A number of laws, … Continue reading

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Michigan Senate Bill Designed to Limit Access to Birth Control

The Michigan Senate Committee on Health Policy passed (5 to 1) the “Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act” (SB-136) late last week. Behind this proposed law (with the cloyingly righteous name) lies yet more barely concealed mysogyny from Michigan’s far right. It’s primary … Continue reading

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Michigan House Passes Education Achievement Authority Bill

Well folks, the Michigan House predictably passed the bill to expand the Education Achievement Authority by a narrow vote of 57 – 53 this week. The bill is now in the hands of the Senate, where it will most certainly … Continue reading

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Detroit: No Street Lights, No Justice, No Money

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced this week a new crime prevention initiative for the city called Detroit One. The program would coordinate local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including ATF officers, to develop regular patrols of the streets. This … Continue reading

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Rick Snyder: The Great Equivocator

When asked the tough questions about his new laws, Right-to-Work and Emergency Manager, Gov. Snyder equivocates — mastering the non-answer answer like a true politician. Wow, the Nerd’s really grown into the job. Queried yesterday about the bill that would penalize state … Continue reading

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BREAKING: House Subcommittee Attacks Universities Over RTW

Today the Michigan House Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee passed a bill that will punish any university that negotiates with its union for an extended contract prior to the Right-to-Work law going into effect on March 28th. If this bill becomes … Continue reading

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Michigan: Do Your Elected Leaders Trust You?

Distrust flows both ways Distrust in government is as old as, well, government. It didn’t take the fiscal cliff, sequester, Right-to-Work, Emergency Managers, or any other lame-brained scheme dealt from the bottom of the political deck to convince voters of the ethical bankruptcy inside … Continue reading

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