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Michigan Judicial Races Draw $14 Million in Dark Money

  Rich Robinson, of the watchdog group Michigan Campaign Finance Network, is reporting that in the 2012 election Michigan judicial races were by and large bought and paid for by shadowy third party issue ads. Robinson finds that “Just 25% of $18.6M spent was … Continue reading

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Snyder Appoints Right-to-Life Supreme Court Justice

Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder has thumbed his nose at the suggestion he develop a nonpartisan process in screening potential appointees to the Michigan Supreme Court. In the wake of the scandalous resignation of Justice Diane Hathaway, the national court-watchdog group, … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Tax Policy Pushes an Additional 14,000 Children into Poverty

Some Michigan Democrats are holding a press conference today in Lansing that Republican lawmakers and the Snyder administration intend to completely ignore. The name of the group is Save Our EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit), and they are on a mission … Continue reading

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Michigan Prisons Save Money by Going Medieval

Michigan House Rep. Greg MacMaster (R-105) is offering a partial solution to the state’s road funding crisis in the face of corporate lobby groups hammering lawmakers to make fixing the roads a top priority. MacMaster, chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee … Continue reading

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Lon Johnson New Michigan Democratic Chair

BREAKING: A new era for Michigan. Gongwer News Service Reports Lon Johnson is elected the new Michigan Democratic Party Chair. Johson said: “I want to thank a good friend. I want to thank a great Democrat. Mark Brewer.” Update: Article … Continue reading

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New Initiative to Repeal RTW in Michigan

Right-to-Work News Alert: Michigan Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood has launched a  Repeal Right-to-Work website. On it you will find a petition and a countdown clock. Hopgood has already introduced two bills to repeal the law. He wants the people to have “a voice … Continue reading

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Snyder — The One Term Nerd

Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder, master of the political bait-n-switch, previously claimed he didn’t intend to run for a second term, much like right-to-work wasn’t on his agenda, but now the truth is out about his 2014 ambitions. Dennis Muchmore, his … Continue reading

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Michigan Senate Wants to Divert Park Money for Logging Roads

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund was established for the purpose of acquiring land for “recreational uses or protection of the land because of its environmental importance or its scenic beauty”. In short — it has helped preserve the Great Lakes State as … Continue reading

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Michigan Higher Ed Faculty Skirting RTW — GOP Pissed

With the union-busting intentions of Michigan’s Right-to-Work law poised to take effect on March 27th, faculty members at various universities are quietly contemplating (and certainly already negotiating) extensions of their current contracts. Existing agreements are exempt from the deleterious effects of RTW, so organized labor … Continue reading

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Canadian Attack on U.S. Free Speech — an Unwelcome Export

Canada, the great white north — land of Mounties, lumberjacks, double-doubles, twofers, toques and universal healthcare. Nice people, one and all, eh? Not so much anymore. At least not their corporations — specifically, in the oilpatch. A few Canuck corporate hosers are … Continue reading

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