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Guns & Animus — Special Michigan Edition

President Obama unveiled his, not so secret, plan to curb gun violence in the United States: universal background checks, ban on military-style assault weapons, limits on high-capacity magazines, toughening punishments for violations, and approval of the long overdue appointment of a director to the Bureau … Continue reading

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Michigan County Blocks Planned Parenthood Funding

Mississippi step aside — Michigan’s got this one.  The mitten has managed to nose-out all other states through its retrograde policies and a burgeoning 1950’s style barefoot-n-pregnant legislative initiative. Lawmakers in Lansing have been cooking-up this assault on women’s reproductive rights through a two-year barrage of increasingly … Continue reading

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Cyberbullying and Stalking and Michigan Law

When the 122th United States Congress adjourned last week without reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, which expired on January 2nd, it went largely unreported amongst the media fiscal cliff mania. Congressional inaction will have a broader effect than anticipated, but don’t expect to … Continue reading

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Gun Appreciation Day? Seriously?

January 19th, the day before President Obama’s inauguration, has been unofficially named “Gun Appreciation Day” by gun-loving conservatives. They’ll be out in droves brandishing their six-shooters, flags and copies of the constitution — that’s what their website advises. (Reminds me of … Continue reading

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Education Achievement Authority – NOT Fiscally Responsible

How EAA Chancellor Covington can’t stay on budget: The double-standard imposed on Detroit Public Schools by the Snyder Administration is the height of hypocrisy. DPS was taken-over by an Emergency Manager with the claim that their $500 million dollar long-term debt … Continue reading

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New Michigan Law in the Works to Destroy Public Education

A posthumous legacy of Michigan’s 96th Legislature — some ugly unfinished business the state can expect to see lead the parade of bills introduced in the new session: Neophyte Republican Party hard-liner, Lisa Posthumus-Lyons rode the coat-tails of her daddy, Dick Posthumus, into the Michigan … Continue reading

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