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Corporate Bullies Attack Free Speech

With all the recent brouhaha about the second amendment, firearm regulation and out of control gun violence, one would think that’s the only amendment under attack. Not so… There exists a different form of violence assaulting our first amendment rights — … Continue reading

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Cyber Schools — Michigan Could Learn from the Pennsylvania Experiment

  In the wake of the rush to open charters and cybers in Michigan over the past few months, corporations vying for student dollars are making doorbuster sales look tame. Michigan would be wise to ask: Just how much accountability and … Continue reading

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Charter Schools — Socializing Debt and Privatizing Profit

In Michigan, Gov. Snyder’s education policies have effectively put a For Sale sign on every public school student — launching an explosion in the growth of charter schools, and we are just now beginning to see some credible analysis on the charter … Continue reading

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DPS — The Incredible Shrinking School District

It’s reality check time for Roy Roberts, the Emergency Manager of Detroit Public Schools. In  a recent correspondence with his staff, he all but admitted that the Emergency Management scheme is seriously flawed. Referencing the free-fall in student enrollment as seriously problematic, he told … Continue reading

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Snyder Puts the Smack-Down on Michigan Lawmakers

In a rare show of political spine, Governor Snyder admonished lawmakers to pull their collective heads out of their asses (my words — he was much more statesman like), and stop wasting time on gun laws, particularly those that won’t stand-up to … Continue reading

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Right to Work — The Domino Effect

Lawmakers in states that formerly lacked the political will to openly bust unions with Right to Work laws are now lining-up like dominoes, emboldened by the Michigan lame duck legislative feeding frenzy that puked-up, among 300 hastily passed laws, a RTW bill … Continue reading

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Another School Shooting & Michigan Senate Tries to Loosen Gun Regs

Another school shooting, and another Michigan lawmaker gaffe — just a month after the Newtown massacre and the ill-fated guns in schools legislation were introduced on the same morning, (vetoed by Gov. Snyder) — here we go again…. As details … Continue reading

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Michigan Students — Prepare to be Assimilated

As the Education Achievement Authority awaits its much anticipated legislative knighthood — codifying the institution through protection found in Michigan Compiled Law, they still want more money. Currently comprised of 15 former Detroit Public Schools, the EAA is already in receipt of an … Continue reading

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Right to Work — As Does Michigan, So Goes Wisconsin

A disturbing report out of our neighbor state… Wisconsin is poised to enact a Right to Work Law modeled after Michigan’s new law. An AP report out of the state says the RTW legislative movement is picking-up steam in the … Continue reading

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The Art of the Emergency Manager

Michigan’s Emergency Manager law has brought controversy and protest to the state since it was enacted, repealed and re-instated over the previous 24 months…and now it’s sparked something else — Art. Specifically, theatrical art. A Flint-based theater group, The Shop Floor … Continue reading

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