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ALEC’s Fiscal Policies Get a Failing Grade in Major Analysis

Five years ago — at the height of the disastrous Bush-era fiscal policy of spend-and-spend on war-after-war, as our nation teetered on the event horizon of the housing bubble black hole, when the media was distracted with the business of scaring … Continue reading

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New Emergency Manager Law Bill in House Committee Today

They House’s Local, Intergovernmental and Regional Affairs Committee is meeting today to hold a hearing to discuss SB 865 at 9 a.m. in room 307 in the House Office Building. SB 865 was submitted last year to act as a placeholder to … Continue reading

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A New Tragedy of the Commons — Tea Party Attack on America’s Civic Diginity

                      DIAGNOSIS:  MASS HYSTERIA AT THE TEA PARTY There was a story earlier this year about 18 high school cheerleaders who, one by one, developed mysterious tics, spasms and vocalizations which were eventually diagnosed as conversion disorder, a condition causing Tourette-like symptoms, but with no … Continue reading

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