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A Special New Year’s Note from Democracy Tree

Democracy Tree is looking forward to another fascinating year of watch-dogging and reporting in 2013. The outlook is rosey that our politicians, and their corporate cronies, will keep the sluice-way of bullshit flowing.  D-Tree launched mid-month in February of 2012. Hitting … Continue reading

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Michigan’s New Internet Privacy Law and You

Hidden among the flotsam in the recent Tea Party tidal wave of mostly ALEC legislation shoved through the Michigan legislature in the last minute lame-duck frenzy earlier this month, we find a bill to prohibit employers from snooping on worker/job applicant social … Continue reading

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Michigan’s New Emergency Manager Law — An Analysis

                  Fast facts about Michigan’s new Emergency Manager Law Sorry Michiganders, it appears that your lawmakers and governor have done little more than rename the recently repealed Public Act 4 to make it appear more palatable to those that voted … Continue reading

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Michigan Republicans…Toying with Democracy

A (satirical) Holiday Card from Republican Lawmakers: Dear Michigan, Season’s Greetings from Lansing to All Our Friends! It’s that time of year Michigan Republicans like to share what the kids in Congress have been up to — capping-off another year of magic and … Continue reading

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The Nine Million Dollar Black Robe — Michigan’s High (Fashion) Court

Michigan may be in an economic perma-funk, but it is rapidly emerging as the high fashion capitol of the rust-belt. And the little black robe is all the rage. Just in — the 2012 television ad dollars on judicial races in the mitten … Continue reading

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Mass-Murder Etiquette 101 — Republican Style

What a difference a mass-murder of kindergartners makes… …especially on the heels of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on America Live joining in the conservative clamour calling for NBC Sports to fire Bob Costas for daring to inappropriately suggest during half-time that it’s time for … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Vote for Guns in Schools

“You can never be prepared for this kind of incident.” Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, speaking on the mass-shooting of children at an elementary school today. John King of CNN referred to it as “the unthinkable”. Gun-toting conservatives across Michigan are busy … Continue reading

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Freep’s Snyder Endorsement Accurately Predicted How He Planned to Screw Michigan — How Did They Know?

That ill-advised Snyder endorsement contained a hidden gem….one the Detroit Free Press hopes readers won’t revisit. It’s not often that a major metropolitan newspaper editorial board makes the news over an opinion piece, but that’s just what happened this past week as the Detroit Free Press … Continue reading

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The (F)law of the Land — Why RTW Laws are Bad for State Economies

Michigan leaders, like moths, are mindlessly being drawn to the destructive Right-to-work flame, soon making them the 24th state to enact a bad law which every qualified economist who has seriously studied the subject finds to be destructive to a state’s economy and workforce, while being little more … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Offer Bunga Bunga Bill

Remember that old joke: Death or Bunga Bunga — in which a captive is asked by a tribal leader if he prefers death or bunga bunga (gang rape)? The captive bravely replies “death”, and the leader says “okay, but first…bunga … Continue reading

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