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Blessed be the Lawmakers — A Seasonal Kind of Celebration….

Oh ye fine ladies, tis anon thouest doth pay homage to thine heroes of ye honourable Michigan O’Legislature — cometh now, permit not thou pouteth such, be ye good fair maidens and displayeth proper respect and beareth due homage uponst thine finest of menfolk…  Exalt! Courageous leaders be they! Get your shit together girlfriends, sit … Continue reading

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Stand Up for Democracy Urges Michigan Lawmakers to Respect the Will of the Voters

If you’ve turned on the news or picked-up a paper you’ll have seen protests on the streets of Cairo where angry mobs torched the offices of the Islamist Party over President Morsi’s decree granting himself omnipotent authority that can not be challenged by the … Continue reading

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Stop the New Emergency Manager Law — Help Stand Up for Democracy!

Governor Snyder and Republican lawmakers are working on the details of their new Emergency Manager law to replace the one Michigan voters repealed earlier this month. The draft legislation looks and smells just like Public Act 4, but contains a … Continue reading

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Hey Dudes, It’s Not a Beer Run — Why Public Sector Mergers and Consolidations are a Bad Idea

Local governmental mergers and service consolidation agreements sound like prudent ideas.  Who wouldn’t want to streamline things to save taxpayers a couple of bucks? So, you’d think responsible community leaders would take a moment to engage in a little scholarly research on the realities of these … Continue reading

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Tea Party Conspiracy Theorist Drones On

A couple of days ago I had a chance encounter with a Tea Party lunatic who felt it was her duty to warn me about the evils of Agenda 21. Convinced that the notions of sustainable development and walkable neighborhoods … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Work on Emergency Manager Franken-Bills, with Zombie Law in the Wings

Governor Snyder has made no secret of his intent to legislate his way around the repeal of Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law. In last week’s post-(mortem)-election press conference he sat po-faced claiming the voters “were confused” when they suspended the … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Khaki — Fifty Shades of Yellow…Cake

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers, of Michigan’s 8th District and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is on the short list to replace outgoing and newly respected horndogious General Petraeus as the new CIA Director. (Housewives across the nation sat riveted atop their … Continue reading

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Case Study of Another GOP Attack on Public Education — Michigan Style!

It’s a tired old analogy — laws are like sausages, better not to see them made.  Yet, we should still reflect on those laws so putrid they’re simply not fit for human consumption. The Michigan legislature has churned-out plenty of tainted product recently, with most … Continue reading

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Sore Losers Threaten Michigan Democracy…Again

Sure, Michigan’s Emergency Manager law has been repealed by a 52 to 48 percent popular vote, but now is not the time to relax. Just last week, Governor Snyder said he is considering a replacement law to protect communities from … Continue reading

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Social Media v. Mainstream Media on Politics – We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

My friend, Chris Savage of Eclectablog, posted some very interesting data the other day from about the growing use of social media in politics and elections. Of course we can easily divine that fact empirically, and it’s clearly evidenced by the Arab … Continue reading

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