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Michigan’s GOP House of Horrors – A Guide to Bad Bills and Lousy Laws

Under the leadership of Republican Speaker Jase Bolger, members of the Michigan House have been busy as bees destroying democratic rule, dismantling the public sector, treating women as reproductive chattel, busting unions, polluting the air and water, fostering racial tension, gutting public education, … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust Political Facebook “Likes”

Twitter and facebook buoyed the Arab Spring — they can arguably be credited as being the driving force for democracy in that mass movement. We all love our social media, especially in this political season. But, can you always trust everything … Continue reading

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At the Helm of the Citizens United Ship — Booty Time at the Networks!

The media division of our campaign-industrial complex (sponsored by Citizens United, thank you very much) is bound and determined to be the economic powerhouse of the 2012 recovery. Between the billions spent on campaign ads and issues ads, you’d think the networks would be reeling drunk with … Continue reading

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Twenty-Seven Telltale Traits of the “Undecided Voter”

We’ve been hearing so much about the “undecided voter” recently — with manic claims from pundits and reporters that this magical group is in possession of the “one ring to rule them all”. Indeed, they may be the king-makers on November 6th.  Are they really … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Prop 5 is WORSE than ALEC’s Model Legislation on Taxation

Michigan’s Proposal 5 is actually worse than the ALEC model legislation that calls for a super majority to levy new taxes. The ballot measure was backed and financed by Michigan Alliance for Prosperity, who in-turn was bank-rolled by the Liberty Bell Agency … Continue reading

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Astroturfing the Democratic Process

I know astroturf when I see it…and I’ve seen plenty of it as a campaign manager and political activist. In my community alone we’ve endured multiple corporate money backed campaigns billed as “grassroots” that turned-out to be elaborate corporate schemes. It’s easy … Continue reading

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Are You a Fascist Nation? — Take the Cosmo-style Test!

Whose buying our votes now? Make way Koch Bros and Super PACs, we now have a new uber-rich voice in the form of a foreign-born horseman and billionaire spending untold millions on an “issue ad” attempting to scare voters with his red-hot hyperbolic bullshit meant to sound … Continue reading

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Michigan Media Drunk With Campaign Cash

Don’t think for a moment that the candidate races are drinking-up all the dollars this November. In Michigan, there are six ballot proposals that have media outlets doing virtual keg stands swilling-up money like cheap beer.   As reported by the Michigan Campaign … Continue reading

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same — Michigan’s Constitutional Cluster-fuck

Article XII of the Michigan Constitution addresses the process by which amendments are made. It is unambiguous and straight-forward…however, the result of these constant intrusions and insults to the foundational document lead to an impressive governmental cluster-fuck. The state constitution may be amended in three different … Continue reading

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Newspapers Editorialize on Ballot Proposals — Did They Do Their Homework?

As newspaper editorial boards across the country do their appointed duty to weigh-in on political endorsements and share informed opinions on various ballot questions, let’s hope they take the time to do a little homework first. Unengaged voters rely on their local … Continue reading

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