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A Ballot Proposal Too Far

My friends and I, along with many dedicated democracy lovers in the statewide coalition Stand Up for Democracy, have spent over a year and a half campaigning and fighting for our basic right to home rule in the state of Michigan. We ran … Continue reading

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Harry & Louise: They’re Ba-ack! (The Sequel) — Scaring Voters Stupid, Again

Remember Harry and Louise? — the annoying sour-faced couple in that early 1990’s TV ad which pretty much single-handedly scuttled the Clinton healthcare reform plan? They sat at their dining room table looking deeply concerned — clearly operating under a self-induced fog … Continue reading

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Romney’s Sr. Foreign Policy Advisor: Hot-headed Moron or Dangerous Idiot?

Awe, Mitt…poor, poor Mitt — it seems our would-be foreign policy wizard has hired a complete moron to advise him on such matters — a man so repugnant he makes us long for the days of the McCain/Palin campaign hallmarked … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney — The Artful Dodger

Romney is evading more than revealing his tax returns. He’s dodging the arts as if they were some liberal conspiracy to make his dog gay or give healthcare to the domestic minions that tend his multiple mansions. Yup, Mitt makes no … Continue reading

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