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Of Migrants and Michigan Lawmakers

A dozen years ago, on a sunny September afternoon, I went to a picnic hosted by the elementary school my two children attended at the time. It was a meet and greet for families. I had the pleasure of sitting next to a … Continue reading

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Democrats – The Do-Nothing Party of Disappointment and Dinosaurs

  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?   This photo was taken at a local Democratic caucus meeting in Michigan this month. Yes, the crowd can barely be called a “crowd”, but that’s not what is of concern. There’s something else that’s even more … Continue reading

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Whistleblower in Snyder Administration Corruption Scandal Comes Forward

URGENT: Press Release from Stand up for Democracy on whistleblower in Snyder Addministrtion Corruption Scandal in Michigan From Stand Up for Democracy: STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY SALUTES WHISTLEBLOWER IN SECRETARY OF STATE SCAM OVER BOGUS EMERGENCY MANAGER REPEAL PETITION FONT … Continue reading

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Stand Up for Democracy in Michigan!

STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY Press Release: Dear Supporters of Democracy in Michigan, It has come to our attention that right-wing elements in state government are hard at work to make sure the petition to repeal the emergency manager dictator law … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Want to Live on Sesame Street

When you next tune into your favorite National Public Radio broadcast, say… maybe it’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, you might expect to hear a story like the one aired in 2010 about the billionaire Koch brothers and their ongoing egregious … Continue reading

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Ethics Violation Complaint Filed Against Pirich, Michigan Board of Ethics Chair

I’ve filed a complaint with the Michigan State Board of Ethics against the chair of that same body, John D. Pirich. As with all things legal, let’s start with the definitions: Ethics: The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular … Continue reading

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