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Dancing with the Devil at the Masquerade Ball — The Danger of Local Non-Partisan Elections

Admit it.  We’ve all been there — filled with the self-congratulating puffery of being an active member of the voting electorate. Yes, engaged citizens that we are, sacrificing our lunch hour to perform this important civic duty — yet secretly enjoying the showmanship of being seen by … Continue reading

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Why Governor Snyder Isn’t Feelin’ Groovy on Crime

Michigan’s Attorney General, Bill Schuette, is gettin’ his 1970’s groove-on … when it comes to law enforcement, that is.  This means being “tough on crime” with more cops, more arrests, more prosecutors, more convictions, and longer sentences,  through the continuation of a politically motivated … Continue reading

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Take This Job and Shiv it!

At long last, some promising employment news for the Midwest. Michigan lawmakers, under the leadership of Governor Rick Snyder, are truly enabling their corporate partners to bring meaningful employment back to that once great state. They’ve cleverly attracted some key … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Caste System — Governor Snyder’s Education Plan

Second-class citizen: is an informal term used to describe a person who is systematically discriminated against within a state or other political jurisdiction, despite their nominal status as a citizen or legal resident there. While not necessarily slaves, outlaws or … Continue reading

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Michigan Cities and Schools Beware — Don’t get Schimmeled!

schimmel:  v.  to commit graft by taking advantage of a flaw in governance, specifically through illegal unfunded mandates. Unfunded manadates, the scourge of Michigan cities and schools for over three decades. The Legislative Commission on Statutory Mandates was empowered by Michigan lawmakers … Continue reading

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Speaking in Code — The Michigan Supreme Court Race, 2012 Edition

So Michiganders, you say “gimme a break!” You’ve had it with all those political 3rd party issue ads, enough already. Hah! The November general election is going to make you throw your remote at your flatscreen — oh no, you’ll not just “want” to throw it … Continue reading

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The Emergency Manager Law — What Happens Next?

Grassroots Baby! Stand Up for Democracy — that’s the formal name of the Ballot Question Committee filed late last Spring with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office which allowed the then nascent, and now burgeoning statewide grassroots coalition to move forward … Continue reading

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