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Michigan — Lay Back, Relax, and Put Your Feet in the Stirrups

Oh you Michigan lawmakers, rascally Republicans — you’re such naughty boys!  You almost got us this time! It’s just so cute the way you thought you could sneak a state-sanctioned rape law right under our niave little noses…well, actually it’s not all our noses, … Continue reading

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Public School Teachers — The New 1%

Michigan lawmakers hate the 1%.  I mean they really hate them! They are tired of their elitist sense of entitlement — the way they leach off the rest of the hard-working citizens of the state, taking what rightfully belongs to tax payers, stealing … Continue reading

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What the Media Isn’t Telling You about Citizens United

Sure, we’ve all been saturated with those tiresome “issue ads” bought by Super PACs, and we understand that it’s a direct result of the Citizens United ruling. News outlets have done a pretty good job of educating the public on … Continue reading

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The Greatest Story Never Told — A Conservative’s Fantasy

There exists an alternate universe within the state of Michigan — a bizarro world — a place so fantastically strange it’s unrecognizable to any rational thinking student of history.  Yet this Land of Oz is abundantly populated by many of our elected officials, respected members … Continue reading

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Michigan Cyber Schools — Here Be Dragons

QUESTION: What do securities fraud and public education have in common? (HINT: You’re not going to like the answer.) ANSWER: Michael Milken, junk bond dealer, ex-con — you know the guy.  He’s interested in educating our precious children. Or, perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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Guest Commentary from Brit Satchwell on Gov. Snyder’s Education Budget

Enjoy this Guest Commentary from Brit Satchwell, President, Ann Arbor Education Association. FATHER KNOWS BEST – NEW EPISODE:  “THE BUDGET” Cast: Father (Jim Anderson): Rick Snyder Mother (June): would be her own person and a voice of reason, but she … Continue reading

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The Mythology and Hypocrisy of Governor Snyder’s “Best Practices”

  PARDON ME GOVERNOR, YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY GAP IS SHOWING Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder claims to be all about accountability. He ran as a self-described number-crunching “nerd”.  Touting his business acumen as reason to trust him to lead Michigan out of a funk … Continue reading

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Alternative to Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law

The Big Question Michigan wants to know:  What’s the alternative to an Emergency Manager? A good question — with, as it turns out, some very reasonable answers. Emergency Manager Defined The Michigan Emergency Manager Law is a uniquely frightening  bit of legislation (Public Act 4 … Continue reading

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Welcome to Democracy Tree!

Hi Folks! Welcome to my new blog, Democracy Tree. I’m still putting some finishing touches on the site and expect to be blogging-away in just a couple of days. The primary focus of this blog will be to provide watchdog commentary on … Continue reading

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